Beer Brewed Especially For Dogs



It is the oldest excuse around, taking the dog out so that you can grab a sneaky pint at the local pub, well now you can actually treat the dog too with a nice bottle of Bowser Beer! Yes, this is beer that has been brewed with the dog in mind and as such comes in two stunning flavours, Cock-a-Doodle-Brew and Beefy Brown Ale, cheers!



This is how the Bowser Beer is made and why its good for your dog;


We brew up our own delicious broth with USDA beef – no flavourings, artificial colour, onions, fat, salt or MSG. In addition, malt barley is good for shiny coats and glucosamine aids in healthy joints. 12 fl oz. plastic, recyclable bottles with tamper proof re-sealable caps – non-breakable for safety and portability. Refrigerate after opening.

Need a great gift idea? Bowser Beer is unique, healthy AND fun to give. Dry kibble too boring? Make dinner more exciting with a protein-rich topping. **PLEASE NOTE** Hops flavour your beer but can be TOXIC!! to dogs



Priced at £13 or $20


Source [Incredible Things]