Nintendo Launches New Mario Bros Website



There may be still couple of months to go before the release of the new Super Mario Bros 2 game, but just to torment fans, the developers have created and launched a new website. There are screen shots, further details and if you wish you place your pre-order too, but it’s not coming out until the middle of August!



This is what Nintendo are saying on the all new Mario website;


In the New Super Mario Bros 2 game, the Mushroom Kingdom is bursting at the seams with an endless flow of gold coins for you to collect. Fly to dizzying heights with the return of Raccoon Mario, and grab the new Gold Flower that lets you turn almost anything in your path into coins. Explore levels filled with gold pipes leading to coin-filled caverns, gold enemies leaving behind trails of coins, and new items that will push your coin count into the stratosphere.


Source [Ubergizmo]