Ringbow The Next Gen Gaming Device



Games controllers may come in all different shapes and sizes, but basically they are all doing the same thing and follow the same control features, which is good but not when you are looking for the next generation of gaming accessories such as the Ringbow! This is a device in development that fits on your finger and yet still provides the wearer with mouse, keyboard and joystick control features! It will probably take a bit of getting used to, but once mastered could this give the user the edge! What do you think?



These are the details on the Ringbow – Next Generation Gaming Accessory;


Ringbow is the world’s first wearable accessory for touch devices that provides the functionalities of a mouse, keyboard and joystick simultaneously with your touch. Ringbow transforms touch screen gaming, allows remote control of your operating system, applications, music apps and presentation tools, allows you to operate and answer your phone remotely and turns your device into a multi-user or multi-player platform.



You will only have to pledge £27 or $45 on Kickstarter to get your hands on one the early models


Source [Technabob]



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