Zynga Launches Cross Platform Gaming App

Here is an interesting idea from the social games developer Zynga; it is a cross platform gaming network app called Zynga with Friends and it will be available for gamers on Facebook, Android and iOS devices to compete against each other on some of the most popular Zynga games.

These are some of the features and details for the new Zynga with Friends Matching game app;

Fun stuff inside: Get bonus points from multiplier spots and colour bonuses – Swap pieces for better ones to make that perfect match – Drop a bomb on the board to make room for more matches – Earn or buy coins to get more bombs and swaps

Served up With Friends style: Take turns making moves with friends in up to 20 simultaneous games – Match’ up with a random opponent if all your friends are busy – Keep in touch or trash talk with chat bubbles – Get notifications when it’s your turn to play

This is a free app and can currently be downloaded from the iTunes Store.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]