Do You Want A Phone Like Gordon Gekko

This is your chance to get your hands on a brilliant 80’s Brick Phone in the style of Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko and other famous folk from the 80’s! This device is great, it connects to your Smartphone via a Bluetooth connection so it actually looks like this old Motorola style phone is fully operational, just imagine the faces on people when your phone rings and you answer the call with this baby!

According to Brad Helmink creator of the 80’s Brick Phone this is how it works;

You just pair the 80’s Brick Phone with your Bluetooth capable cell phone and when you get a call on your phone, you answer it on your Brick Phone. You don’t even have to take your “modern day” cell phone out of your pocket. When you’re done with the call, you just hang up. That’s it. The 80’s Brick Phone charges via a mini usb cable that you can simply plug in to your computer.

For backing the project with just £29 or $45 on Indiegogo you will be getting your hands your very own 80’s Brick Phone into the bargain, provided it that the projects reaches its target funding.

Source [Apartment Therapy]