It is About Time There Was An Honest Games Trailer

If you are fed up of hearing a review that is telling you how brilliant the game play is, or how awesome the graphics are and that there is never any lagging at all on a certain game. Then, maybe what you need is an Honest Games trailer and Game Front seem to agree because this is a new section that they are trying out, on this occasion it is for Diablo III, see what you think and let us know!

Here is some information on Honest Games trailers from Game Front who make them;

From the developer that turned World of Warcraft into Kung Fu Panda, comes a game 12 years in the making…with game play from 12 years ago…it’s the Diablo 3 Honest Video Game Trailer. Introducing “Honest Video Game Trailers,” a new segment on Game Front!

Source [Geeks Are Sexy]