The iPhone Charger On A Keychain

Most of us know how long our Smartphone’s battery will last, but occasionally there are times when the battery indicator simply drops like a stone and then it is a real nightmare. However Juice Buddy think that they have the answer with their portable charger on a keychain that you carry around with you until those times when the battery indicator turns red and there is not a mains power socket handy for miles.

According to the Juice Buddy website, this is how the device works;

The JuiceBuddy is constructed of durable polycarbonate and custom-crafted electronic components. An outstanding feature of the JuiceBuddy is the hidden port at the bottom. Simply remove the key chain attachment and a standard USB 2.0 port is revealed for charging all of your devices. The JuiceBuddy is available in White, Black, Red, and Polished Aluminium. Order yours today!

Priced at $25 or £16

Source [Cult of Mac]