This iPhone Case Is All Ears

There are hundreds of cases around that have been designed to hold your iPhone to keep it safe from scratches and marks. However, there are not many around that look like a massive ear and we are not talking Vulcan style ears either, check it out and let us know if you would use a case like this on your iPhone!

According to the Daft Gadgets website, this is what the Ear iPhone has to offer the user;

If you’re up for a laugh, this hilarious Ear Case is definitely the phone holder for you! With an accurate cut-out to securely hold your handset on one side of the extra large ear, you’ll look like your own ear has multiplied in size whenever you pick up the phone! Plus, because it’s made from durable silicone rubber, it’ll protect your handset from bumps and scratches too.

Priced at $15 or £10

Source [Incredible Things]