Protect Your iPad With A LifeProof Case

There is nothing worse than finding a scratch or mark on your brand new iPad or even your older iPad and as for getting water inside it, well that is just the limit! However, with the LifeProof iPad case, this would be a problem at all. As the name suggests this case will protect the iPad against the elements and everyday life.

These are the details for the new LifeProof iPad 2 case;

Your LifeProof iPad 2 case has all the amazing features of a ‘LifeProofed’ iPhone along with the convenience of taking your Tablet PC anywhere with a totally new level of interactivity within any environment.

With the LifeProof iPad 2 case you can listen to lectures and study while in the hot tub. Wash it with the dishes after creating your favorite recipes

Review Blue-prints at a construction site or dusty environment. Look through the iPad 2 window in Augmented Reality while walking rainy streets

This has not been release just yet, but when it is ready expect to pay around $80 or £51 for it.

Source [Techcrunch]