The BBC Plans To Re-invent The Red Button

Most of us are used to the BBC’s Red Button if only to press back up on the remote to remove it! However, there are a whole lot interactive services available to the viewer; this is especially clear during Wimbledon where the viewer is able to select matches and even camera views. But the BBC have more plans for the Red Button such as making it internet enabled, which will bring in more services and features for the viewer to choose from.

According to a posting by Daniel Danker, the General Manager, Programmes & On-Demand on BBC internet blog;

Yet Red Button has its limitations. Because it relies entirely on broadcast technologies, Red Button competes with other channels for spectrum. This is a scarce resource. So scarce, in fact, that this year we’ve seen a phased reduction of broadcast Red Button services, as part of our Delivering Quality First strategy.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]


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