The Roach Bot Gets An iOS App

This amusing little bot has been around for a little while, but recently the firm behind it Japan Trust Technologies have updated it and released an app for iOS powered devices. So yes, you can now control this robotic insect from you iPad or iPhone, imagine all the fun that you can have now!

These are the translated details on the annoyingly funny Roach Bot;

“Gokiraji!” Can move freely with the iPad / iPhone the “GK” that the devil and appear black in the summer, GK is a type of toy RC (Radio Control).

Kasakoso move around just like a real figure and has much impact cannot bear to hate cockroaches. But, w from seeping wonder why love is if you are working for a while

Some people hate the cockroach; I might be able to come to like a cockroach on this opportunity!

By the way, has to be operated without the light that ass “Gokiraji!” When you turn on the power for some reason, lose sight of in the dark. GK … Do you really. Or Jota was the reality.

Priced at £24 or $37 plus postage etc

Source [Ubergizmo]