Design Student Shows Off Ultra Thin Speakers

There is a trend for slim and thin gear these days and these speakers are no exception. The speaker has been designed by Hannes Harms a design student who calls it the Flat Boombox. At just 0.5 mm thick and made from a single piece of stainless steel, this is surely the thinnest speaker around. The controls and buttons have been integrated into the base for a clean look, which really seems to work!

According to the designer of the Flat Boombox speakers, Hannes Harms, he said;

My motivation for this project started with an intense research around the lifecycle of consumer electronics”-” the sheet of stainless steel is cut and engraved extremely precisely, allowing for 100%  recyclability due to its extractive process. The shape of the product also allows for efficient shipping, enabling the use of envelope style packaging. Once purchased, the user would assemble the speaker by bending the metal along pre-scored lines

There is no news on if or when these speakers will become available, although the designer is seeking help from manufacturers.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]