Flying Car Makes A Successful Test Flight

This is the Terrafugia it is the world’s first practical flying car and to prove it the car has made its first proper test flight, check out the video to this cool flying car in action. Naturally you might be interested in getting your name on the waiting list for this car, well if you really should not be spending $280,000 or £179,000 then maybe this is one car that you should not be thinking about.

These are the details on the first successful test flight of the Terrafugia flying car;

Phase 1 flight testing of the Terrafugia Transition production prototype was successfully completed in June 2012 at Plattsburgh International Airport in Plattsburgh, NY. This video shows some of the highlights of the deployment as selected from test documentation videos. More information about Terrafugia can be found at

Source [Ubergizmo]