Gold Plated Vacuum For The Home With Everything

Just what do you buy those people who literally already have everything, well you buy them something that they do not have, such as this gold plated vacuum cleaner from Go Vacuum, it is going to cost you but you cannot put a price of friendship or can you? Well there is a snapping rap song produced to promote it, maybe this is where the target audience is.

According to the Go Vacuum website, here are some features on this interesting vacuum cleaner;

Each vacuum is fully customizable. They currently sit, waiting for engraving and gold plating, which starts after the purchase in an effort to be fully custom. Options include a hand sewn outer bag (from most any material you choose) that’s lined by an all metal zipper-encasing the disposable HEPA bag. Plus, we offer free engraving. The customization is seemingly limitless for this, one of a kind, luxury vacuum.

Priced at $999,999 or £639,000 there will only be 100 of these made so get your order in fast!

Source [Incredible Things]



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