Gamers Keep Cool Hands With Black Mouse

Sweaty palms is not the feature for a gamer and yet gripping that mouse for a long time will means that heat is generated between the hand and the plastic of the mouse! However, Tt eSports think that they have the answer with the Black Element Gaming Mouse Cyclone Edition with its built in fan! Yes, that is right, this mouse comes with a fan to cool the hand down and obviously, this will have an effect on grip etc!

These are the features on this excellent Black gaming mouse;

T.P.G. (Tt Pro Grade) Gaming Laser Sensor 6500 DPI Engine (100 – 6500 DPI Adjustable), Functional on Most Surfaces.

OMRON© Gaming Switch Capable of up to 5 Million Keystrokes.

1.8 meters Braided USB Cable with Gold-Plated Connector.

9 Fully Customizable Macro Keys for MMORPG or RTS Game Genres.

Superb Customizable Graphical UI for Macro Keys, Advanced Performance, and Lighting-Effect Options.

5 Individual, Striking Pause-Break Lighting Effect. Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Light Blue.

Industrial Grade Rubber-Coating Finish for better Hand Grip.

On-Board 128kb Memory Storage for 45 Macro Keys in 5 Game Profiles.

Weight-In Design for Perfect Handling Mouse Movement: (5 x 4.5g, up to 22.5g max)

Body Dimension (L x W x H): 123.8 x 66.7 x 41.6 mm.

There no details on the pricing or availability on this mouse yet.

Source [Incredible Things]