Latest Trailer For The Secret World MMORPG

Funcom have released a video trailer for their latest MMORPG game The Secret World, this is a game that has a modern feel to it and yet it is full myths and conspiracies! It is a pay monthly game, so you had been make sure that before the thirty day trail ends that it is what you expect it to be. From the video, it looks interesting enough, but these monthly subscriptions still hurt even though it’s not that expensive!

Here are some details on this very interesting MMORPG game idea from Funcom;

The Secret World is a modern-day massively multiplayer game of myths, legends and conspiracies, where you can become anything you want to be through a powerful progression system free of confinements such as classes and levels. Join the Illuminati, the Dragon or the Templars and join the battle for the power to rule the world.

This MMORPG game is ready to download now, there is a free thirty day trail on offer after which the cost of remaining in the Secret World is £11.49 or $14.99 per month!

Source [Geeky Gadgets]


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