The Smartphone Charger That You Wear

Whenever we travel we take out Smartphone’s with us, but hardly ever take the charger, which means should battery get low there is not much that we can do about it! However, there is this interesting idea in the pipeline, it’s called the Volt Belt and yes it is a belt that holds your trousers up, but the buckle doubles up as a handy mains power adapter allowing the Smartphone to be charged up should there be a mains power supply handy.
Here are some features on the Volt Buckle Smartphone charger;

Ever been stranded at work without your charger at the airport? At school? Ever forget your charger in your car, office, hotel room, or need a charger when you are out and about or at your favourite coffee shop? Maybe like us you are just tired of carrying around oddly shaped chargers and bulky wires in your pocket. Then Volt Buckle is for you! Make these worries a thing of the past.

When this goes to retail it will cost around $75 or £48, however by backing this project on the crowd funding site Indiegogo, you can claim one for just a $50 or £32 pledge, now that has to be a bargain.

Source [Indiegogo]