How Much Time Do We Spend On Our Smartphones

We tend to spend so much time on our phones these days that we hardly ever think about what we are actually doing on the phone and what functions we are using the most on the device. Well its time that changed and with the help of this infographic, all will become very clear. As we can see, usage varies depending on where are living, which you might think is a bit strange but Smartphone usage must depend on culture and location. There are some very interesting conclusions here, so the question is, do you agree with this infographic or not?

According to Amit Lubovsky, the VP of business development and marketing for Tawkon, he said;

At Tawkon, we like to think of ourselves as the seat belt of the mobile phone. Mobile radiation is a hot topic and it is too early to know how serious of a problem it is. We say ‘why not talk responsibly using Tawkon?’ Our engaged user base agrees and you can see just how engaged they are in some of the data displayed here


Source [Mashable]