Retro Record Player Style Wrist Watch

There are not many homes with an old style record taking pride of place these days and so it is down to portability to see if the any remembers what this watch is meant to be! Naturally there will not be any mixing or even listening to any of those old scratchy records, but it keeps vinyl alive even if it just in our minds.

This is what you will be getting from the cool looking Turntable Metal Wristwatch;

The Turntable Metal Wristwatch captures the bygone-newcome era of vinyl records by slapping a turntable on your wrist. True to form, this looks exactly like a turntable down to the most minute details. Unfortunately, even if you have a tiny vinyl record from your dollhouse, it’s not going to play on your watch. But it looks like it could, which is all that matters when you’re out on the town.

Priced at £52 or $80

Source [Geek Alerts]