Z World The Zombie Theme Park Wants Backers

Like most major cities around the world, Detroit has its nice bits and not so nice bits, but Z World has a plan for a certain part of city and it includes zombies! Z World could become the zombie capital of the world, the people behind it know that there is a market you only have to check out the TV for that and it seems that they feel Detroit could do with the business! The problem is Z World are trying to funds for project and with 36 days to go, they are well off target on Indiegogo.

So, what is Z World? This is what the people behind the zombie experience have to say about it;

Z World Detroit will be a unique and spectacular zombie themed experience park that will transform a virtually neglected section of Detroit, Michigan.

Participants will be chased by a growing zombie horde through abandoned factories, stores and homes across hundreds of derelict urban acres.

The city of Detroit is considering literally abandoning sections of the city.  While the economic and social benefits of this action can be debated.

We think the situation demands more creativity.

What you think, is Z World a viable project or not?

Source [Nerd Approved]