EA Launches Sim City Social On Facebook

Remember the Sims, well they are back and they are more social than ever as the game finally turns up on the social network Facebook. This is a highly addictive game, even more than the likes of Farmville etc; it is a must for anyone who played this game in the past on whatever platform they had at the time, who could forget the original PC version?

According to the EA website this what you can do with Sim City Social;

Watch your friends move in automatically and houses self-upgrade as you place beautiful decorations nearby. Be the first among your friends to own a skyscraper, or two! Give birth to a dynamic city with passionate citizens, ready to protest for clean air or celebrate economical success. Build on the biggest playground in Facebook yet, with surprises at every turn. Watch out for fire hazards, crime-prone areas, and much more!

Source [Sim City Social]