At Last A Decent Keyboard For Android Smartphones

This is a new app called Keymonk for Android phones, it makes typing so easy and fast, your friends will wonder what you are doing being able to reply at such speed. To make it all the more interesting this is a free app so there is nothing to lose with this one!

Here are the features on the cool swipe style keyboard;

Keymonk lets you sweep words with two fingers. For example, to type the word ‘make’ start with your right finger on M and your left finger on A, then sweep right finger to K and left finger to E.

Use the keyboard in landscape mode, and avoid bumping fingers into one another. Maintain contact with the keyboard to input a word with several sweeps and keystrokes, and keep each finger at its side of the keyboard.

This is a free app downloadable from the Google Play store right now

Source [Android Police]