Is This Proof That Mermaids Are Real

This is a great idea for mermaid tails! Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, this is a brilliant idea called swimmable mermaid tails and apparently, they really do work, it is just a pity that there is not a video to them in action! Although they do remind us of the Madonna video for “Cherish!”.

These are the details on what makes these cool swimmable mermaid tails work like a dream;

These stunningly realistic looking Mermaid Tails were inspired by my 3 daughters and their love of all things Mermaid! They are created to fit your unique size and include a comfortable, durable and sturdy custom made mono-fin. They are made to SWIM IN as the material used is top of the line swim fabric. Colour currently available are; green, red, blue, orange and fushia-pink. All colours are all very sparkly and reflective, and look beautiful, when worn in and out of the water. Make a girls Mermaid dreams a reality with a gorgeous custom made tail. A special and unique gift that will bring happiness and fun times to all who wear it!

Priced at £166 or $250 from the Etsy store

Source [Geeky Gadgets]