Lumi The Screen Printing Process That Uses The Sun

The idea of screen printing may sound appealing, but to get started it can be very expensive. However, Lumi are looking to change that with their new Inkodye based kits and a free iPhone app that does all of the fancy work for the user. Lumi are currently using Kickstarter to raise funds to get the kits into production and they are almost there, with 19 days to go they have raised $45,000 from the goal of $50,000.

This what the Lumi Inkodye screen printing process involves;

The Lumi Process is a revolutionary photographic print process for textiles and natural materials. The process is based on Inkodye, mixable, dilutable, water-based dyes, which develop their colour in sunlight. Currently available in three colours: red, orange and blue.

Inkodye can bind to any vegetable or animal fibre, such as cotton, wool, silk, suede and wood. Once fixed, the colour becomes permanent and can go through repeated machine washes without fading.

You can get yourself one of these starter kits by backing the project with as little as £23 or $35

Source [Mashable]