The Hotel Room In A London Black Cab

With the Olympics coming to London in a couple a weeks there are plenty of people thinking up ways on how they can cash in on the tourist trade. For the London cabbie, you would think that their role is limited to the amount of hours they can drive. But that is not so, if London cabbie David Weekes has his way, for he will transform the back of his cab into a mobile hotel room for one!

Here are some details for the Hail-A-Hotel taxi cab in London for the Olympics;

My hackney carriage has been redecorated to give guests a true taste of London. The cab has been furnished with a comfortable memory foam mattress and dressed duvet. A radio, mini fridge, reading lamp, solar radio and teddy bear have also been provided.

The cost of a night in the Hail-A-Hotel is $78 or £50 and that does not include breakfast!

Source [CNN GO]