Smarter Stand For The iPad Smart Cover

The Smart Cover that iPad owners have is a cool looking thing, but it is only a cover and surely, that must be a waste! However, here is the Smart Stand, it makes the Smart Cover even smarter by converting it into a fully adjustable stand making the most of what this stylish cover does, so it’s no longer just a pretty cover it is a stand and more.

This is how the Smarter Stand actually works with the iPads Smart Cover;

Smarter Stand is composed of 2 clips that attach to either side of the Smart Cover or the Smart Case. For the Smart Cover, a polyurethane pad that sticks to the back side of the iPad is also provided to prevent the iPad from slipping. For the Smart Case, no pad is needed since the neoprene of the back cover provides the grip necessary.

Expect to pay around $20 or $13 for this when it gets to the stores

Source [Oh Gizmo]