Spike Gives The iPhone A Physical Keyboard

Could this be the Blackberry owners dream come true, an iPhone with a Blackberry style keyboard, how cool can that be? This is Spike from SoloMatrix, it is a protective case for the iPhone with a plus and that is the handy foldaway keyboard that makes typing on glass a thing of the past. This is something that could open up the Smartphone market to new users who always wanted a proper keyboard.

This is some of the pitch that SoloMatrix is running on the Kickstarter site;

Spike is a combination keyboard and protective case that can be easily and securely installed in a matter of seconds. You can effortlessly rotate the bottom section of the case with the keyboard, to the back or the front of the iPhone, for storing in either typing or full-screen mode.  We’ve also hinged the keyboard, so you’ll always have quick access to the full-screen even when typing.

Once this goes retail the Spike will have a starting price of $35 or £23, but back this project to the tune of just $20 or £13 and the Black Spike will be yours.

Source [Huffington Post]



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