Rare Games Collection Sells For One Million Euros

Some people collect games over a long period, painstakingly picking items up at collector’s fairs and auctions. However, there is an alternative to this method collecting and that is to find an eBay listing offering a ready made collection. This one has twenty two full games sets from NEC, Nintendo and Sega; these sets are still sealed and totally unused! So what would a collection such as this cost? $1.2 million or £770,000 that is how much, although we are hoping that this collection has been sold and it’s not publicity stunt.

These are the details on the eBay listing, which is quite a serious collection to consider;

You’ll probably see this once in a lifetime: 22 full sets sold at once!

1) All games ever released on Nintendo home systems, from Famicom to Gamecube!

2) All games ever released on Sega systems!

3) All games ever released on NEC systems, ALL FACTORY SEALED!

Source [Technabob]