Sequel To Defense Grid Requires Funding

Producing a sequel to a successful game is normally a piece of cake because the games publishers already know the stats. However, this is not the case with Defense Grid 2; the developers are looking for big money and have chosen to go down the crowd funding route. The problem for the team, is that they are looking to raise a cool, $250,000 (£162,000) and so far, they have only managed to raise $77,000 (£50,000) and there is only just over a month to go before the project closes, so it is looking a bit close as to whether they are going to make it or not. They need your help now!

These are the details on Defense Grid 2 but will it get made;

Now you can help the Hidden Path team build a great Defense Grid sequel: a DG2 that exceeds your expectations and goes beyond the award-winning game play and amazing reviews of the original. A great sequel is our passion too, but it is an expensive undertaking, costing $1 million more to build than we can self-finance, so we’re inviting you to join the Defense Grid family and help us make DG2 real.

Source [Goozer Nation]