Social Sharing Digg Has Been Sold

It was around four years ago when it was reported that search giant Google had offered to buy Digg for around $200 (£130) million, but this was a deal that failed to go anywhere and so Digg carried on. Yesterday it was announced that Digg has now been sold to the so called incubator firm Betaworks who are based in New York. So what was the deal? Digg has been sold for knock down price of just $500,000 (£323,000) and no these figures do not have the zeros in all of the wrong places; this is the real deal although you have to wonder who for!

According to a blog posting by Matt Williams on the Digg Blog, he said;

Kevin wanted to share, “I’ve always been a fan of John’s product vision and the companies he builds, funds, and advises. John understands the real-time nature of the web and how to capture and surface trends as they occur. Given his experience with,, and Chartbeat I can’t wait to see what he does with Digg.” Coming soon, Betaworks will unveil a new cloud-based version of Digg to complement the current iPhone and iPad apps. Stay tuned.

Source [Daily Mail]