The 3RDi Camera Kit For The iPhone

If you are like me, your Smartphone will be part of you and goes everywhere that you go! But sometimes when taking an image of something cool, it seems that we are missing something and that is where the 3RDi (Third Eye) comes in, this is a case for the iPhone with difference as it comes with various lenses, filters and other accessories, in fact it is like a pro camera kit but built for the iPhone.

This is how the cool and interesting 3RDi (Third-Eye) works;

The 3RDi (Third-Eye) is the world’s first complete high end camera kit for an iPhone 4/4S. Designed from the ground up, it is earmarked to be a “game changer” in iPhone photography. The 3RDi kit takes the exceptional photo and video experience on an iPhone to a new level. The kit includes: Wide-angle lens, Fisheye lens, Circular Polarizer filter, ND filter, Lens Grip, iPhone case and Flip cover/Screen protector.

One of these complete kits will retail at around $230 or £150 when it comes out, however, backing it on Kickstarter for just $185 or £120 will secure the kit and offer massive savings.

Source [Get 3RDi]