Try Your Hand At Desk Top Sprinting With EPIC

Not so long ago we featured EPIC Works new desk top game, the EPIC 100m Sprint where players meet up from all around the world and race a full 100 metres in real time. It is just like the real Olympics, but on this occasion there no medals to be won for this is racing just for the hell of it, are you up for it or not?

This is what the team at EPIC Works has to say about the Epic Olympic Games;

The game Epic Works have developed is a simple premise where you tap two buttons to move your feet, the faster you tap the faster you run, but Epic Works have turned this into something much larger ‘we are not called EPIC Works for nothing’. We wanted a truly global racing experience allowing users all over the world to come and race one another at exactly the same time, button tap to button tap, all in a bid to see who’s the fastest in the world for ‘the ultimate bragging rights’ which can be checked on the numerous Leader Boards available to you.

There are plenty of ways to get involved; playing the game on your desktop is the obvious first step. Alternatively, you can be a backer, check out the project on Sponsume the team need £7,500 or $11,500 and with only ten days to go, they are falling behind schedule. It only takes £5 to start and this small amount means that you get a copy of game when it’s released.

Source [Epic Olympics]