Asteroids Go Online For Multiplayer Mayhem

The game of Asteroids has been around for a very long time and for most of this time, it has more or less remained as we remember it. However, thanks to mmoAsteroids by Paul Firth, Asteroids has now gone massively multiplayer online (MMO) and that means not only asteroids and space junk to worry about, but there are other players too so how cool is that? Give it a try, you will need register first, but that is no hardship to play this game is it? 

Here is a little background information on this brilliant retro style Asteroids online game;

This game represents all that I’ve learned during that time. Its far from being finished as you can probably tell; in fact its more of a tech demo than anything else. The reason you’re able to play it right now is because I’ve decided to crowd fund the development of the game. This has become a necessity because I’m fast running out of money to pay the bills and I really, really want to get the chance to complete this game – I’ve got some quite grand plans for it.

Source [Geeko System]