Fiats New 500 Will Have Coffee Machine Option

Personally, I have well over the recommended daily amount of coffee every day, so this option for the new Fiat 500 sounds like a dream come true. Fiat have teamed up with the coffee brand Lavazza to come up with the Lavazza 500 coffee machine that is built into a purpose built outlet between the front seats, its ideal for long or short trips but just remember that boiling water and driving simply don’t mix! 

According to the official press release for the Fiat Lavazza 500, here is some information on the coffee machine;

Designed in cooperation with famous Italian coffee-machine producer Lavazza and using the company’s convenient “A Modo Mio” pod system, the espresso maker integrates perfectly into the passenger compartment, free of power cables and including a dedicated set of accessories to keep the interior neat and tidy, including a spoon holder, pod dispenser and sugar container.

Expect to pay around £190 or $300 for this optional extra.

Source [Auto Blog]