The Sounder iPad And iPhone Speaker Stand

Here is a great way of increasing the volume from your iPad or iPhone through a piece of wood that has no wires or power requirements at all. The speaker dock is made from wood that has been salvaged from unusable 19th century buildings and the people behind the project are looking to raise funds through the crowd funding site Kickstarter. 

This is how the designers describe the Sounder in their pitch on Kickstarter;

Sound from the iPad speaker is directed into the horn, this is where the sound waves are amplified megaphone-style, producing room-filling sound.  The volume is more than doubled.  The Sounder is perfect for iTunes, music apps like Pandora or internet radio stations. Finally, you can listen without being tethered, and share your music with friends.

You can back this project with just $75 or £48 to secure one these Sounder docks, when it goes to retail it will cost £80 or $125, so that looks like a bargain, just as long the project gets off the ground.

Source [Cool Material]