Wearable Cat Ears Controlled By Brainwaves

Animals have strange ways of communicating with us they use their tails, eyes and ears, but we humans tend to speak to each other or occasionally use the odd hand signal. However, despite the ability communicate Necomimi have come up with these cool cats ears. Nevertheless, these are not a hat they use senor placed on the forehead to pick up what the wearer thinks of their surroundings and the ears adjust accordingly, cool but strange! 

This what the manufacturer Necomimi has to say about these cool Brainwave ears;

Show the world what is really on your mind and impress your friends with some of the most advanced brainwave technology available! Necomimi’s cat-like reactive movements show how interested or relaxed you are in real-time. It is a fun, quirky addition to parties, cosplay, bachelorette weekends and tailgating at your favourite sporting event. Anytime you want to entertain your friends and family, wear Necomimi!

Priced at $100 or £65

Source [Slash Gear]


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