Official Video Guides Players Through Gears Of War

There may be some time to go before the launch of multiplayer game Gears Of War: Judgment, but that is not stopping games developers Epic Games and People Can Fly. Here we have a cool piece of social marketing, it is a video starring the games character, Damon Baird, and he talks you through some of the game play giving the players the heads up on some of the scenes, before the games release next year! 

This is how Baird will help you get through the Gears Of War: Judgment multiplayer game;

COG hero Damon Baird takes you through the finer points of OverRun, Gears of War: Judgment’s thrilling new class-based competitive mode that pits Locust and COG soldiers in a head-to-head battle unlike anything “Gears” fans have experienced yet.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]