Shoot Video Like A Pro With The Picosteady

We all like using the video feature on our Smartphone’s, but how often do we look back at what we have only to find that it is shaking around and totally unwatchable. Well one solution for this issue could be the Picosteady, this device has a universal bracket for Smartphone’s and it balanced to ensure that your video is as steady as a rock. 

Here are some of the features on the Picosteady as found on the Kickstarter page;

You will start using it minutes after you take it out of the box. Just mount your camera, balance it with the simple counterweights and you are ready to shoot.

It will work with almost any camera including: point-and-shoot cameras, GoPro cameras, the iPhone, and most Smartphone’s. It also works great with DSLR’s like the Canon T2i or Nikon D5100.

Once in production the Picosteady will retail at $179 or £116, but Kickstarter backers pledging $139 or £84, will receive one of the first batch to be made.

Source [Picosteady]