You Can Buy As Many Raspberry Pi Computers As you Like

Until now, there has been a strict one Raspberry Pi mini computer per customer, no doubt, this was to stop bulk orders and ensure that everyone could join in with seeing what this brilliant little machine can do. But now that has change, manufacturing has caught up with demand and so now you can buy as many of the £25 Raspberry Pi’s as you like now! 

According to a posting on the Raspberry blog the firm said;

Up until now, we have had to restrict purchases of the Raspberry Pi to one per customer because the demand has been (and continues to be) so high. Both of our manufacturing partners have been working at building capacity so you we can lift that limit – right now, 4000 Raspberry Pi’s are being made every day. As of this morning, you’ll be able to buy as many Raspberry Pi’s as you want from both RS Components and element14/Premier Farnell.

Source [Tech Radar]