Barnes And Nobel Launches The NOOK Browser

Until now, you would have needed a NOOK eReader device in order to read content from the Barnes and Noble library of eBooks, but this business practice limits the market for the book retailer to those who own a NOOK device. But now they have opened up the marketplace by introducing the NOOK for web feature, which is basically NOOK web browser and therefore allows anyone to access it from any device!  

According to a posting on the NOOK blog by Jeremy Cesarec of the B & N Community said;

Today, we’re excited to introduce NOOK for Web, an innovative and free new browser experience that offers readers the ability to explore the hottest digital titles and bestselling books right from their computer – no sign-in, software download or NOOK account required to begin reading. With fast and easy access from any PC or Mac® browser, NOOK for Web seamlessly combines NOOK’s award-winning digital reading experience with access to Barnes & Noble’s expansive NOOK Store™. Now, anyone who loves to read can browse, sample and become instantly immersed in a NOOK-like reading environment from any browser, with support coming this fall for Internet-enabled tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Source [Geeko System]