The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Smartphone Case

There is something weird and strangely frightening about this Smartphone case, not because it offers an extra twenty hours of battery life, or even that it will protect the device from damage, it is because it can deliver a massive 650,000 volt stun to anyone you might feel is going to attack you! There of course benefits of having this sort of protection, so it something that has to be weighed up and you must make sure the stun feature is switched off before answering the phone

Yellow Jacket Promo from Loupe Theory Studios on Vimeo.

These are the details of the Yellow Jacket Smartphone case with stun feature;

Yellow Jacket has been designed as the world’s first Smartphone defence case. We intend to protect both the user and the Smartphone from harm. The case contains a 650K volt stun gun capable of taking down an attacker. Yellow Jacket also has it’s own external battery, capable of giving the Smartphone up to 20 ADDITIONAL HOURS of standby BATTERY LIFE.

Expect to pay around $125 or £80 for this device when it retails, but if you are quick, you could pick one up by backing the project on Indiegogo with $85 or £55 once the device goes into full production.

Source [New Launches]