Turn Smartphones Into Games Controllers With Brass Monkey

Imagine being able to play a game using your Smartphone as the controller, well you can with Brass Monkey, this free app means that anyone with good wireless network, Smartphone and connected monitor such as computer or TV can play games using their Smartphone as the controller. Now imagine this system set up at work or in a bar, how cool would that be? Let us hope that it will not be a long wait for this to happen. 

This is the description for the Brass Monkey games controller app;

Simply load up playbrassmonkey.com on your computer, launch the app on your iPhone and you are up and playing games just like the Wii®. Brass Monkey supports multiple phones connected to the same screen, so you can play multiplayer games with your friends. Brass Monkey works over a Wi-Fi network, and is optimized for speed so the controls are extremely responsive. Hook up your laptop to your TV via HDMI for the ultimate experience. More games are added all the time, so don’t forget to check for updates on playbrassmonkey.com.

Brass Monkey is a free app ready to be downloaded from Google Play and the iTunes Store now!

Source [Mashable]


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