New Trailer For LittleBigPlanet For PlayStation Vita

It may be a few months to go before LittleBigPlanet is released for the PlayStation Vita, but that does not stop the teasing with a new trailer for the educational game being launched in Japan. This is first time that this game has moved from the larger screen to a handheld. Of course, you know what this means, the kids are going to want a new console to go with this game, it never rains but it pours! 

These are the details on the LittleBigPlanet for the Sony PlayStation Vita;

Join Sackboy in a whole new adventure for the first time on PS Vita and travel through five colourful Carnivalia worlds using all of the PS Vita system’s functions.

Interact with the LittleBigPlanet in more ways than ever before using all of the intuitive PS Vita system controls to create and play your own games.

Create your own arcade style mini-games to save, share with other LittleBigPlanet players and enjoy wherever you are.

Play multiplayer games with up to three friends using multi-touch and the “Pass’n’Play” system.

Take the fun online and play alongside up to three of Sackboy’s friends via online or Ad Hoc Mode.

Automatically unlock and use any LittleBigPlanet content you’ve previously downloaded on PS3 or PSP (PlayStationPortable).

Priced at £35 or $55 available for pre-order on Amazon for a 21st September release.

Source [Ubergizmo]