The Rolly Chewable Toothbrush For Those Who Dont Brush

I never thought about this before, but it seems there are some folks who simply find brushing their teeth a waste of time! So naturally, this is an opening for someone to produce something just for them and in this case, it is the Rolly. These little rubber things have 276 bristles which have been coated with fluoride and xylitol, so these lazy types can pop one in and chew for a long time! Seriously! These are great for travelling and festivals etc, but price wise it’s an expensive replacement for brushing your teeth. 

These are the detail on the small and chewable Rolly Brush;

Ideal mini-toothbrush to clean your teeth and keep your breath fresh anytime, anywhere. Rolly Brush is a convenient, effective and discreet toothbrush for on the go. No need for water or toothpaste. Rolly Brushes 276 multiple length mini bristles remove food debris and plaque from the most hard to reach areas and cleans your tongue.

Prices start from £8 or $15 for a pack of 12

Source [Technabob]