Twist Lets Family And Friends Know Your ETA

The Twist app is all about time management, we all know that when we are running late the last thing that we want to do is get on the phone and explain to everyone the reasons why. But that is where the Twist app steps in by letting your family and friends know that you are running late or just around the corner by calculating the ETA by using your current position and destination. It is a real handy app and is ideal for those who always seem to have trouble turning up on time. 

Twist – It’s About Time from Twist on Vimeo.

These are some of the details about the Twist app;

Twist also alerts them when you are almost there and if you are running late. Whether you are driving, walking or taking public transit, Twist accurately calculates your arrival time to a specified destination and privately shares your ETA with only those that you choose. Twist merges the best features of your iPhone (maps, traffic, calendar, SMS, photos, recommendations, email, check-in and chat) into a single easy-to-use mobile application.

Twist is a free app available to download now from the iTunes Store

Source [Twist]