The L8 Smart Light Soundless Speaker

Having a speaker that is soundless may sound a little crazy and yet here it is and they call it the L8 Smart Light. Basically, what you are getting here is grid of LED’s that display almost anything that the user wants, such as social networking notifications so this could really help those who are hard at hearing too. 

These are the details for the L8 Smart Light as from the developers Kickstarter page;

L8 is a battery powered mini squared lamp with a multicolour 64 Led matrix on one side and a multicolour super bright Led on the other and several useful sensors, that connects via Bluetooth to your Smartphone to notify you by light images or animations of just about anything that happens on the Internet: Twitter and Facebook messages, e-mails, game results, outside  temperature…. in other words, If exists… it can shine in L8.

You can get your very own L8 Smart Light for £45 or $70, we do not know what the retail will be.

Source [Cool Material]


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