The Piano Door Bell For Talented Visitors

Here is a good idea for those folks who are a little bit fed up with the same ring from the door bell, normally it goes something like this “Ding Ding!” sure that is a bit boring, that is why this door bell based on a couple of piano keys is so different. Your visitors will be able to play a well known tune or something that they have made up while waiting for you to answer the door. 

According to the designer of the Piano Bell, Li Jianye (SE7EN) this is a little about the design;

Forget the boring doorbell and ring tone, here is the new Pianobell for talented and interesting guy like you, because you believe in “I play therefore I am…”

This is a concept design at the moment, but who knows maybe one day we could all have one of these on the front door!

Source [Incredible Things]