The Podtime Sleeping Pod To Recharges Those Batteries

Something like this would probably not be everyone’s first choice of overnight accommodation. However, to grab a quick nap in the afternoon these Podtime Sleeping Pods would seem like the ideal thing. They are around four feet wide and around seven feet in length, so there is enough room to move around slightly, but not much else although you do get power points, lights and a bit of storage too. 

Here are some details on the cool but slightly limited on space Podtime Sleeping Pods;

Our designers have blended comfort and practicality with privacy and security. The standard pod is £1375 +VAT and delivery, though this reduces for multiples. We offer an enhanced version priced according to the options selected.

Open ventilation at each end means every pod has good air circulation and a fresh and roomy feel inside. The doors are available in tinted, frosted or solid finish, and are lockable to keep your things safe whilst you relax.

The central tube is practically indestructible polycarbonate, and the end pieces are heavy duty rotationally moulded plastic.

Prices start from £1,400 or $2,200

Source [Coolest Gadgets]