The Cuppa Can Is A Coffee Cup And Can Mash Up

It is easy to mistake this item as being a either a cup or a can, whereas in fact this design by Thabto is a mash up of both called the Cuppa Can! It is made from porcelain and because of the double wall design; it keeps your hot drink hot and the other way for cold drinks you have to suppose. 

These are the features for the reusable and cool looking Cuppa Can;

This double walled porcelain mug shaped like an aluminium drinks can keeps your cuppa nice and hot whilst making you look cool and refreshed.

It also has a clever silicone lid, which keeps your coffee in your mug and not on your keyboard!

The double walled porcelain also prevents the heat from transferring to the outside of the cup so you can hold it without risking to get burned.

Priced at $16 or £11

Source [Yanko Design]