Video Makers Time Travel Back To Before YouTube Was Founded

Imagine that you are into making videos in a big way and you happen to find that you have in your possession a DeLorean just like the one fr0m the Back To The Future series of movies, what would you do? Well for some us we would create Facebook well before Mark Zuckerberg, but for these guys its video and they would travel back to before YouTube was formed in 2005 to create all of those cool videos before anyone else; do you think that they have made it? 

Here is a quick message from the team behind this cool video;

Proceeds from this video will be donated to the Michael J Fox foundation – the more this video is shared/facebooked/twittered the more we can donate. So get sharing and we can make a positive impact on the people who suffer from Parkinsons.

To make a direct donation go to:

Source [Geeks Are Sexy]